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1st Option:

•Click on the Lens at the top of the right.

Enter a valid flight number and select the displayed flight.

Now you are tracking the plane and the flight status will be shown on the left sidebar.

2nd possibility:

Click on the lens at the top of the right.

Enter a city with airport

The Radar centers the Airport and will display only flights related to it

Click on a plane to get informed about the flight status

Airplane Tracker!

Nowadays, it is not rocket science to determine the exact position of an aircraft. Likewise, you do not have to be an air traffic control employee or sit in a tower at the airport. Today’s technology allows us to display the flight status directly on the PC or on the mobile phone.

If we want to check flight status, let’s talk about a method that allows us to use a airplane tracker to determine the positions of thousands of planes around the world. And not only that! We can even track every single flight from their departure airport to their destination airport. Even with the exact flight route!


The free Airplane Tracker ensures best Experience

Users who want to take advantage of a free flight observation service can do so on our website!

Finding out the flight status is very easy. The program is suitable for anyone who wants to easily and quickly track a flight online on a flight radar. Again, the user only needs an internet-enabled device to access our website.

Airplane Tracker makes you HappyOn the airplane tracker is a map showing the total air traffic around the globe. It is also possible via the zoom function on the flight radar to zoom in any map detail in order to take a closer look at the area. In the course of this, the user only has to click on the corresponding flight to make the relevant data of the flight visible. Or simply type in a valid flight number.
In addition, it is important for the user that the use of the airplane tracker can be handled without a verified registration. Thus it is possible to know the flight status without entering personal data!


Optimized Radar for Mobile Devices

It is possible to find flight status via smartphone or tablet. Because our site loads at the speed of light! Thanks to the AMP technology, we can deliver our service very quickly to your mobile device and you can save even more data volume, perfectly! The mobile view of flight status does not really differ from the desktop variant. Except that the info bar in this case is displayed from below. It should be noted, of course, that users who have a Premium Upgrade at Radarbox24, can use a few more features. However, the free version of the airplane tracker is sufficient to check a flight status. Every day for 24 hours! No Radar App needed!


Time Out! What now?

Airplane Tracker time out

You have experienced a time out on the radar? No problem! If you want to continue as a free user, then refresh the page and start all over again. Or upgrade your membership to stop timeouts.

Airplane Tracker Video Guide

Here is a video guide on how to use the airplane tracker.